Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Oedipus Complex

Myself... and my father and mother. We were travelling in a car. My father was behind the wheel, taking us, my mother and myself, with him through strange roads. Yet, believe me or not, we finally reached our home. The very home where I grew up with my parents. My father did not stop the vehicle. He took the car inside the house, into my parents' bedroom. He stopped the car and asked my mother to jump onto the top of the cupboard. There was a gap between the cupboard and the bed, which now stood where the car once was! My mother looked weak and helpless. I saw a drop of tears in her eyes. She looked at me so sadly. Then I saw her expression changing, from helplessness to determination. She decided to face the inescapable. Perhaps, she took a leap of faith. She looked at me one last time and jumped, from the cot to the top of the cupboard. Alas! As weak and tired as my mother was! She could not make it. I saw her fragile body falling into the gap between the cot and the cupboard. I could not but jump after her, despite my father trying to stop me, into the abyss, just to be with my mother, just to reach the warm body of my mother. As I was falling, I saw my mother's naked body, bathed in blood. Unable to bear that horrific sight, I burst into tears, like a small kid I once was, despite my father's voice following me from behind, asking me to behave like a man. Moments later, I unified with my mother's body. I cried loudly as I started kissing all over her. My mother was trying to console me and I was trying to console her. And we lay there, helpless, bleeding, crying, trying to comfort each other....
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